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Specialty Clinic Physicians

The Specialty Clinic is now located on the 3rd Floor of Franklin Hospital in the east wing. Days of service and hours of the Clinic will vary depending upon specialist. We encourage your use of them as they are here to provide convenient, quality care close to you and your home and family. These are physicians whom you have known and trusted over the years are committed to serve you and your family here at our hospital. For general information on the clinics and how to schedule an appointment, call Amanda Rone at 618-439-3161, ext 579. Click here for the February schedule


Cesar Coello, MD
Every Other Wednesday Afternoon
Office Phone: (618) 529-4455

Magdalena Zeglin-Sawczuk, MD
Every Other Monday Morning
Office Phone: (618) 529-4455

Walter Parham, MD
Second Tuesday of every month afternoon
Office Phone: (618) 899-3900

Nephrology/Kidney Diseases

Kevin Chen, MD
Every Other Wednesday
Office Phone: (618) 997-8412

Neurology, Rheumatology

Amar Sawar, MD
First Thursday 9AM to 4PM
Office Phone: (618) 549-1727


Debra Carson, DO
Every Thursday
Office Phone: (877) 456-2496


Michael Gabel, MD
Third Thursday of the month
Office Phone: (314) 647-2277


Chris Moore, DPM
Office Phone: (618) 457-0431

Amy Reeter, DPM
Office Phone: (618) 457-0431


Frederick Pfalzgraf, MD
Every Tuesday, appointment only
Office Phone: (618) 439-3161 Ext. 9751