This is a picture of a doctor taking a patients vitals
This is a picture of a doctor taking a patients vitals

Healthy and Youthful Living Clinic

By following the instructions of Franklin Hospital's age management Physician, J. David Hartman, you can improve with age.

His Family Practice and Youthful and Healthy Living clinic, adjacent to the Hospital at 203 Bailey Lane, encourages patients to follow a comprehensive approach to low-glycemic nutrition, exercise, lifestyle adjustments, and supplements, coupled with hormonal optimization when clinically indicated. Dr. Hartman uses an integrated and common sense approach to treat everything from obesity and decreased sex drive to menopause and hormonal imbalances.

He treats baby boomers, teens, and Medicare patients, improving their lives, and trying to prevent disease. "My new patients receive an order for blood work," Dr. Hartman said. "Using the lab results, I pinpoint contributing factors to the patient's overall health. I find indicators in the lab results to deficiencies in key nutrients, a lack of sleep, and excess stress."

Dr. Hartman uses the words "lifestyle change" instead of "diet" because diets tend to fail. "The goal is to restore vitality and help the patient return to his or her optimal physical and mental shape."

Dr. Hartman is accepting new patients. For more information or to make an appointment, call (618) 435-9780.