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Speciality Clinics

Franklin Hospital provides a number of specialty clinic services to residents of Franklin County. Click here for the current schedule.

  • Cardiology (disorders of the heart) provided through St. Mary's Good Samaritan Heart and Vascular (Dr. Walter Parham, 618.899.3900) and Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, (Dr. Cesar Coello, Dr. Magdalena Zeglin-Sawczuk, and Nurse Practitioner Christina Kraus, 618.529.4455.)

  • OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology) provided through Heartland Women's Healthcare, Debra Carson D.O., 877.456.2498.

  • Nephrology (diseases of the kidneys) provided through the Advanced Kidney Institute with Dr. Kevin Chen, 618.997.8412.

  • Neurology (study of the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the nervous system) through Dr. Amar Sawar, Board Certified in Neurology, 618.549.1727.

  • Ophthalmology (anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye). Dr. Michael G. Gabel, Ophthalomogist, is affiliated with Franklin Hospital, treating patients with vision loss, detached retinas, cataracts and glaucoma. He performs laser retina surgery, refractive surgery and lens replacement operations. Referrals are made by local Optometrists.

  • Pediatric Care provided by Dr. Amy Gerwe. For appointments and schedules, call 618.439.3161, x9751.
  • Podiatry (foot care) provided by Drs. Chris Moore, Amy Reeter and David Gunzel. For appointments call 618.457.0431.

  • Rheumatology (disorders of the joints, muscles, bones, connective and soft tissue around joints) provided by Dr. Frederick Pfalzgraf, 618.439.3161, x9751.

For more information, call Amanda Rone, Clinic Director, at 618.439.3161, ext.9750 or email Amanda.rone@franklinhospital.net